about the model ambassador program

“making a difference in the community. Kindness matters!”

The Model Ambassador program is a unique modeling experience with the goal of empowering aspiring models through photography. This select group of girls serve as positive role models, which have demonstrated compassion to their friends and community. Above all, kindness.

My Model Ambassadors are not just developing their photographic modeling portfolio, but have chosen to volunteer in different ways to give back to the community. Being a Model Ambassador is also about learning how to feel comfortable and confident with your own body, and appreciating your positive traits both on the outside and from within. I do my best to bring out each and everyone’s personal best to help them feel confident in their own uniqueness through my photography. Building positive self-esteem is at the core of each and every element of life, and a life skill that empowers all of us in everything we do. My model program encourages collaboration, teamwork, mutual support, and kindness. During adolescence, it is especially hard for teens to chart their own course and not just want to “fit in.” Model Ambassadors learn very quickly, that their unique qualities are what makes them special, what makes them marketable as a model. To be an upcoming model ambassador, you must submit an application explaining how you are a positive role model like the models in this magazine.

inside look: get a glimpse of what it’s really like to be a model ambassador