I have always enjoyed photography, but my passion developed when I became a mother.  I strived to capture and preserve the fleeting moments of childhood - the smiles, the giggles, the tears and the laughter - and hold on to them forever through the lens of my camera.  What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a profession and in 2004 I switched careers from a full time attorney, part time photographer, to a full time photographer. I am located in Rockville, Maryland.

I have a strong and intense passion for photography and the subjects I photograph. I have been most recognized for my work as a portrait and headshot photographer, and sought after for my ability to connect with clients and make them feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera. I have been taking headshots for over a decade, have three children in the "theater world," and thus know what a successful headshot requires in the industry -whether it is film, theater, or a business headshot. 

In 2016 I founded a dance photography business, "Fierce Images," (, which received a national merit award from the Professional Photographers of America 2016 international photographic competition, and two awards from the 2017 district competition .  My children also dance, so their dancing was my inspiration for dance photography, meant to capture the passion of intense dancers. I am proud to say that Fierce Images has now expanded to all forms of SPORTS!

More recently, I have started photographing teens (middle school and high school), including high school seniors who want to capture memories before they go to college. I have both teen and senior ambassador teams, but also specialize in individual sessions for those who do not wish to be on a teen ambassador. I have received national awards for my images in both teen and high school senior magazines!

Whether it is through portraits, headshots, dance photography, or teens and high school seniors, my goal as a photographer has always been solid--- to capture and preserve moments in time, moments that are a true reflection of my subject's soul, heart, and passion, . . .  and with a photo, we can hold on to those moments forever


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